Saturday, May 4, 2019

How to become a screenwriter in Bollywood?

Are you a struggling screenwriter and wondering how to become screenwriter in Bollywood. Bollywood has its own approach towards the business of movie making. But the grammar behind the movie making is same and it is same through out the globe. There is no one way to get opportunity as writer in the Bollywood. There are literally hundreds of solutions available. One must not restrict self to one or two solution. Rather must try all the available solutions.

How to become screenwriter in bollywood

Basic requirements are one must have in depth knowledge of screenwriting craft. Bollywood is mainly targetted to Hindi language films. (Not purely Hindi but mixture of Hindi, Urdu, English, and local dailect). One must have good understanding of such language in deep.

Important tips to become screenwriter in Bollywood:

  1. Lots of film directors need help of writer who not only develop the script for the director but also help him/her to do research and maintain notes. Such film directors pay handsome salary and hire till the project ends. So it would be wise to approach film directors whose films were released recently.
  2. Lots of film directors are having their own office. In those office, there is always requirement for inhouse writers. Approaching such office and enquiring about any vacant writer positions could also help to build path to bright career in the industry.
  3. This decade is and next decade will be focused majorly on webseries. That’s why teleseries company, television channel company, advertising company, distribution company and many producers have started their own digital channel and entire investment and focus is towards webseries. So understanding webseries and scripting for webseries can also help aspiring writers to become part of the business.
  4. Most of the production houses are open to unsolicited submission. So enquiring each production house about such option could also help to share the script with production houses.
  5. Each year plenty of free and paid screenwriting competitions take place in India and as well as in abroad. Participating in those competitions can help to learn the craft in more efficient way. And if any awards land in the hand then it would draw attention of film production company, film makers straight.
  6. Now this approach might not efficient one but could help to draw attention of film makers and that is, publishing a novel. Novel publishing is more hard than selling a script to production houses. But there are platforms such as Amazon Kindle Publishing, helps to publish novels for free of charge. What ever sales occur, there is profit sharing. Today digital book readers number is high than paper back readers. So high number of download of such novels can aslo draw attention of film makers.
  7. Popular tele-serial writer, they develop the concept along with channel people and outline the project but assistant writers develop each scene. So such chief writers are always look for new writers. Approaching such chief writers and asking for assistance job could also be help to build career as writer in the industry. You might have heard lots of popular writers began their career as assistant writer.
  8. Warning: If any one asks you money even if few bucks to help you to fix meeting with film makers or big names, or help to sell the script then don’t believe such proposals. Believe in yourself, learn how fast market is changing, always hunt for opportunity, and deal with right people.

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