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How to sell a movie script in Bollywood?

One of the nightmare of most of the new struggling screenwriters is to sell film script. Unfortunately, lots of such writers struggle went on life long. But the reality behind such long struggle is bitter and hard to digest. And the reality is 8 out of 10 strugglers believe film producer is the only one entity in entire film making business who buys script. In this article we are going to discuss these tips that might help you to sell your film script in Bollywood.
I am not advocating neither producers nor film industry how it works, but sole purpose of this article is make you aware of the reality that is going on and hence it would help you to prepare an effective strategy.

How to sell a movie script in Bollywood

Why producer denies to purchase a script from a new writer?

It is not uncommon in a film Industry like Bollywood, where a producer encounters more than ten amateur every week where writers plead to allow only five minutes to narrate their written script. In such scenario, producer Either suggests to mail the script to an email id, or suggests to meet one of his office employee or simply refuses and hints body guard to keep away such people. And the reason is very obvious, first of all, imagine you are walking on the road, and some one suddenly approaches you and asks you to buy a gold ring for a cheap low price whose market value is extremely high. Would you buy this ring? No.
This is quite similar situation. And on the other hand, lots of aspiring screenwriter believe screenwriting is similar to novel, story writing where thoughts stream down and we pen down on a paper, and such drafts even if lands in the hand of production house people, goes straight into the rejection bin. The point here is producer encounter such self claimed screenwriter daily whose scripts are swallow from inside.
Screenwriting is a craft. Craft can not be learned with out training and sufficient practice. A painter, drawing artist who can draw exact on canvas what ever he sees or looks at, now the question, could he draw a blue print which is required for a building construction. And the answer is of course he could but that would be least eligible for building construction. Because to draw blue print, architecture understanding is required. Similar with screenwriting.
So if you are dedicated to make career in this screenwriting field or film direction, my serious suggestion go through a proper screenwriting training.
Okay, now, then how would a trained screenwriter can sell their script?

Who is a producer in film making business?

First of all, we have to understand, Producer is not some one who buys script but some one who invests fund in a project. Producer is only interested if there is a sure shot highly effective revenue generate model. The fact is producer is simply just a fund arranger.

Now, what are the elements a producer looks in a project?

  • - Casting. Who is hero and heroin in the film?
  • - Director. How was the business record of the directors previous film. If new one, then to whom he has assisted.
  • - Potential of the script. Not how good it is written but how much possible business it would make.
  • - Production cost of the film.
  • - Songs, how viral it would go.
Songs have been backbone in doing good movie business in Bollywood. These days, songs are best weapon to draw attention of mass and tickle them to buy tickets in the theatres. If songs are hit, then movie could easily make good money.

Now, how could a new writer sell their script?

We have to understand who else might be interested in the script and then approaching production house would be beneficial.
  • - Film Directors whose films were released recently. They are loooking for a good script for their next project
  • - Certain film directors instead of script, they want writers to develop a script along with him or her
  • - Film Actors who might be interested to act in the script. If a film actor agrees to provide date for the script, then there would be hundreds of film producer outside of the writers house
  • - Chief Assistant directors, and first assistant directors who are waiting for their debut project might be interested to direct your script. Such chief AD has good contacts in the industry, production house would love to listen such people.
  • - Script consultants also show interest to improvise the script and help to sell the script. And they do this for a fee but they are truly helpful.
So now you have clear understanding, who are the potential buyers for you script. Prepare your strategy and re-struggle once again. Hope this article might help you to sell your script in the industry.

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