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Movie Production : Step by Step Process in 2019

Film Production Process Steps: How movies are made in 2019?The work flow of a film making is a systematic disciplined approach. One single mistake can cost in Lakhs per day to the production house. Any Film Making Process begins from deciding to make film on a script in the hand. Then rest work flow of film making occurs.

Movie Production Step by step process

Majorly film production process can be classified into three categories:
  1. Pre-production
  2. production
  3. Post production

Pre-production stage of Film Making

Pre-production is the first stage in the film production work flow process. As the name suggests, in this stage, all the required preparations takes place for the production stage of film making.
  1. Script is locked.
  2. Agreements are prepared
  3. Budgets are estimated
  4. Finance is arrange for the project
  5. Casting process takes place
  6. Music composer / Music directors are hired
  7. Songs are purchased
  8. Choreographers are hired
  9. Stunt mans are hired
  10. Cinematographers are hired
  11. If film director is not in the board yet then a film director is also hired
  12. If VFX is required then VFX studio is hired
  13. Film director visits indoor and outdoor shoot location with team for recce and finalises the location
  14. Story board if required then prepared with the help of story board artist under the supervision of film director
  15. Workshops are conducted for actors to know each other well and also understand major important scenes in advance

Production Stage:

Production Stage is the stage in a film production work flow in which actual shooting take place.
  1. Production unit including Actor, technicians etc. Travel to location
  2. Arrangement of equipments, properties, camera, lights etc. at the location
  3. Director with assistant meetings with various department before shoot
  4. Rehearsal and Shooting of each scene at the pre-decided location
  5. Delivering recorded footage to post production department

Post Production Stage:

Post production stage is the stage in the film production work flow in which final output of the project that is movie is prepared. At this stage, film production company (Studio) has footage of each scene.
  1. Editing Takes place
  2. If compositing required to the scenes, then they are done.
  3. VFX if required, then those are accomplished.
  4. If dubb required then actors dubb for various required scene
  5. Amience sound re-created and added to the video. Sound Engineer does this.
  6. Folley Sound created and added to the video. Same sound engineer does this.
  7. Background music is added to the required scenes.
  8. The final ouput that is complete cinema is ready.
  9. Teaser and posters are prepared for marketing purpose
  10. Trailer are prepared for marketing purpose.
Note: Few professionals agree marketing of the film is part of post production stage where as others disagree. Anyways, after post production stage, production company spends money for online and offline marketing of the film.
Note: These days, while production stage, post production stage also takes place parallel.

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